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Skype: dovess33

Products > Leveling staff > Aluminum Leveling Staff > Telescopic Aluminum Leveling Staff BC-S3/S4/S5
Product name : Telescopic Aluminum Leveling Staff BC-S3/S4/S5
Product No. : BC-S3/S4/S5
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Telescopic Aluminum Leveling Staff  

Model: BC-S3/S4/S5

Staff Aluminum thickness: 1mm

Scale print: Eco-friendly LEDUV printing ink. Adapted to all-weather working.

Standard outfits: Circular Bubble, Waterproof Carrying bag made with polyester Oxford with PVC coating.

Standard Packing: 10pcs per Carton.

Front side E type cm scale throughout total length.

Back side mm scale for height measurement.

Model Specification Graduation Accuacy N.W. Qty  G.W. Dimensions per Carton
Front side Back side Full Length Per Meter Per PC Per Carton  Per Carton CM*CM*CM
BC-S3 3m x 3 sections E-type 1mm <1.5mm ±0.3mm 1.3kg 10pcs 16kg 125x17x19
BC-S4 4m x 4 sections E-type 1mm <1.5mm ±0.3mm 1.5kg 10pcs 18kg 125x16x20
BC-S5 5m x 5 sections E-type 1mm <1.5mm ±0.3mm 1.9kg 10pcs 22kg 130x17x21.5

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Online service

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